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Fingertip Sichuan Mahjong


Fingertip Sichuan Mahjong
The chess and card game that the Internet celebrity anchors are playing, the authentic way of playing in the bloody red mode. Let's play together!
Real-time battles, 1 second match start. Top competitions, professional players, and high-end players will take you to play together!
A collection of national mahjong gameplay, whether it is the current mainstream gameplay or the regional niche gameplay, here can satisfy your choice!

  • 圖片關鍵詞

    【Recommended by Anchor】 Live broadcast is strongly recommended. In the bloody red mode, the Internet celebrities love to play. Come to fingertips to play to the end with anchor!

  • 圖片關鍵詞

    【Super-Dazzling Graphics】 The 3D card table allows you to be on the scene, with super cool Hu card special effects. Various dressings to help you play Mahjong with more sense!

  • 圖片關鍵詞

    【Live Sports】 Players from all over the country compete in real-time, with one-click matching of various sparrow gods, extremely smooth without waiting, 1 second start, let you fight a happy battle!

  • 圖片關鍵詞

    【Rich Gameplay】 The blood flow mode is intense and exciting. Regional gameplay is ever-changing, team gameplay is strategizing. Different gameplays will bring you different fresh experiences!

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